With over 30 years of Brand Marketing, Creative Design, Web Development, and Product Management Experience, Egan Marketing provides a unique blend of personalized service and support for your company. You don’t need in-house talent.

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Web Design and Development

People find you by searching on the Web. A website that is custom designed for your organization, is mobile responsive, and optimized for search engines to find it (SEO), will make your brand stand out from the competition.

Content Creation

No campaign is complete without high impact, relevant content that will engage and invite your prospects and customers to want to know more. Keep your message consistent across Video, Social Media, Web, Email, and Printed formats.

Social Marketing

A great website with high quality content is not enough.  Being active and engaging in social media will make your targeted audience want to know more. And social media enables the instant response that people have come to expect.

Lead Generation

Creating demand and recording the success of every campaign is the key to success for driving a constant flow of relevant high quality leads. Don’t waste your valuable time and money chasing people who are not really interested in your brand.

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Many companies would rather focus on what they do best and leave the hassle of hiring and managing a full marketing team to someone else. If that sounds like you, let Egan Marketing help you promote your brand and drive you to success. Contact us today to schedule a review of your marketing plans.

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